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We the team of Doerr Comics are Naval Aviators who understand the stress of flight school and have found that humor helps. Like many of you, we have used self deprecating humor to relay the sad nature of our reality whilst sitting on a strange couch that smells like the 1960’s and hoping to be canceled. Alas it was not to be, but it was in those moments we were born.  In the spirit of those moments, we continue to deliver content. We are always looking for new talent and material, and you can rest assured that we only seek to bring you the very best in stress relief while you wait for your instructor to arrive for the dreaded 0530 brief.

Comic Strips

Check out our strips about the struggles and nuances of learning and living in the world aviation. 

Comic Book

Standby for the Doerr Comic series in story and comic book form!


Stay tuned to ATIS for “Winging It!” A podcast hosted by a number of aviators where they’ll talk about their experiences and lessons in aviation.

Tappy Doerr

Our game to numb your mind as you’re waiting for brief time. Currently being updated, get ready to See and Avoid to get the best score! 

History of Doerr

In the dark ages of primary, one bored SNA doomed to standing duty once more noticed a small drawing at the SDO desk. This small scratch art on a post it note showed the standard buff, confident doer bird standing behind the desk, ready for duty. Realizing how inaccurate this depiction of the student Doer was, this SNA took it upon himself to draw a more fitting depiction of a student who knows nothing and is struggling to keep his head above the proverbial water. After drawing a scrawny, cross eyed, derpy version of the bird, the SNA looked at his creation and couldn’t help but share it. At the dreaded standby table he shared his art with a couple fellow Doers, and they started creating hilarious situations to put this bird in to best encapsulate the true flight school experience. IMSAFE birds were made, “There’s no way” became a running joke, and the standby table became slightly less bleak. With encouragement from other Doers, a team was created to make all of these visions a reality, and thus Doerr Comics was created, and there was much rejoicing. 

Doerr Comics

Your only legal addiction prescribed by the flight doc!

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